How are varicose veins diagnosed?


The first step is to question the patient, looking for any suggestive symptoms, followed by a clinical examination to diagnose visible varicose veins, or to detect varicose veins that may not be apparent. Immediately after the exploration, we carry out the indispensable Duplex ultrasound, which enables us to see precisely through the skin the veins identified during the clinical examination, as well as any unseen veins that may be diseased.

How are varicose veins diagnosed?2023-09-29T15:04:30+02:00

Relationship between varicose veins and pregnancy?


What is the relationship between varicose veins and pregnancy? Are pregnancies the cause of varicose veins? Pregnancy can be an event that causes varicose veins to appear. But if varicose veins appear during a pregnancy, it means that there is a fragile ground, very often hereditary.

Relationship between varicose veins and pregnancy?2023-04-18T10:08:39+02:00

When is the best time to get varicose vein surgery?


Is there a specific time of year to have varicose veins surgery? There is a very old tradition of operating on varicose veins only in the cold season, globally from October to May. Patients seen outside of this period are advised to wait for surgery...

When is the best time to get varicose vein surgery?2023-03-13T19:04:32+01:00
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